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Farsi BlogEngine is BlogEngine.Net's Farsi version. It adds Jalali (Hijri) native support to BlogEngine.Net.
Also, many parts of the code has been enhanced for Farsi support.
The architecture of the Main BlogEngine.Net has been almost untouched. So developers can customize Farsi BlogEngine as easily as BlogEngine.NET's main project.

Two Farsi open source libraries have been used in this project:
- FarsiLibrary By Mr. Hadi Eskandari:
- PersianCalendar by Mr. Vahid Mardani:

The credit goes to BlogEngine.Net's developers for their excellent contribution.


I plan to release a new version for each BlogEngine.Net's major release. But being concerned about upgrading to a newer version if FarsiBlogengine is not under development anymore is rational.
Since there has been no changes in the database structure, You can easily upgrade to the original BlogEngine.Net's new releases without any extra work. So you can easily use Farsiblogengine.Net and not to worry about upgrade issues.

For Persian Readers:


تلاش بر این است که پروژه FarsiBlogEngine، به همراه هر نسخه جدیدی از BlogEngine.Net بروز رسانی شود. اما در صورت توقف بروزرسانی این پروژه، از آنجا که هیچ گونه تغییری در ساختار دیتابیس داده نشده، شما می توانید بدون هیچ کار اضافه ای وبلاگ خود را از این نسخه به نسخه های جدید BlogEngine.Net ارتقا دهید. بنابراین نیازی به نگرانی بخاطر عدم سازگاری با نسخه های بعدی BlogEngine.Net نمی باشد.

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